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Upon logging in to Whole Game System you may face the error message that "This email exists on more than one account. Please contact to resolve the issue".  


We can guide you through the process to successfully "claim" your account and allow you to sign-in in the future. 


Video is available here or full walk through is below. 



Step One: go to and click "Forgotten email" 


Step Two: Enter your existing FAN Number and existing password, if you don't know your password please use: (if you don't know your FAN then you will need to contact 


Step Three: This will confirm the email corresponding with the FAN you have entered, please click "continue" 


Step Four: A message will confirm that your email is on multiple accounts, please click "continue" 


Step Five: Please type in your email address and click "Send code" this will release a verification code to your email address 


Step Six: We would recommend opening a separate tab for your emails and leaving Whole Game System open on the existing tab. You will receive an email to your set email address and will inform you of "Your code" please copy this number or write it down 


Step Seven: Please go back to Whole Game System and input your verification code in the box which says "Secondary Verification Code" then click "Verify Code" 


Step Eight: Please click "Continue" 


Step Nine: The system will confirm that your email address has been successfully claimed and you can now login using your email address next time you visit Whole Game System